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Round II of the "War on Spam" is Only Beginning Now


womens lingerie online


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womens lingerie online

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womens lingerie online

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Round II of the "War on Spam" is Only Beginning Now

China is now the largest of all internet users and their young budding entrepreneurs Wholesale Corsets will be trying to sell you everything from cheap toys, to exotic perfumes and lingerie online. As these online entrepreneurs try to sell you goods and services online they will be sending you solicitation e-mails, yes they will be Unsolicited-SPAM.

Now even if only a fraction of a percentage of these Chinese businesspeople send out unsolicited spams in the millions, many of the rest will send out unsolicited-email to everyone in their industry. Perhaps, going to individual websites looking up the e-mail addresses sending out a solicitation.

Normally, we wouldn't consider this spam except that it comes from China and it is something we don't want to buy. But consider this if there are going to be a half a billion people in China that are on the Internet and a third of them have small online businesses and want to send out solicitations to anyone who might do business with them, that alone amounts to a huge amount of SPAM and it will be really hard to stop it.cute lace lingerie

There are a number of reasons, for instance; they are going to get smart about spam-filters and send out customized e-mails to each person individually because they have the time on their hands to do so, and because many of them will not send out mass e-mails only perhaps 10, 20 or maybe 50 a day. But due to the sheer volume of e-mails, and number of people doing it; indeed, it will feel like round two of the spam-wars in your inbox. Please consider this and good luck.
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